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SOS7   "$ave on $eries" - "American Machinist Memories" Series
SOS8   "$ave on $eries" - "Echoes from the Oil Country" Series
SOS1   "$ave on $eries" - "Essential Steam Power Library" Series
SOS2   "$ave on $eries" - "Forming Methods" Series
SOS3   "$ave on $eries" - "Hasluck's "Work" Handbook Series"
SOS4   "$ave on $eries" - "Machinery's Industrial Secrets" Series
SOS5   "$ave on $eries" - "The Impoverished Radio Experimenter" Series
L4L2   "Library for Le$$" - "Lathes" set
L4L3   "Library for Le$$" - "Machine Shop" set
L4L4   "Library for Le$$" - "Transportation" set
4252   507 Mechanical Movements
4066   A Catechism of High Pressure or Non-Condensing Steam Engines
23039   A Day at the Factory
X23039   A Day at the Factory (Dented & Damaged Copy)
23187   A Practical Treatise on the Founding of Metals
20811   A Thousand and One Formulas
4554   A Treatise on Gear Wheels
23942   Aircraft Sheet Metal Work
22911   Aircraft Welding
80   Alternator Secrets
22423   Amateur Radio - A Beginners' Guide
23101   Assayer's Guide
22954   Automobiles 1913-15
22440   Babbitt Bearing Techniques
23888   Barnes' Metal Working Machinery
23020   Boats, Airplanes & Kites
23160   Brass and Alloy Founding
22601   Building Model Boats
23950   Building Ship Models
20145   Copper Work
21982   Disston Saw Tool and File Manual
23748   Dynamo!
22784   Echoes from the Oil Country Vol. 1
22830   Echoes from the Oil Country Vol. 2
22687   Echoes from the Oil Country Vol. 3
22881   Echoes from the Oil Country Vol. 4
22989   Echoes from the Oil Country Vol. 5
23730   Electric Vehicles
23420   Electroplating with Chromium, Copper, & Nickel
23969   Engine News 1890-91
23209   English and American Lathes
22547   Engraving Metals
23276   Experimental Crystal Set Receivers
21087   Forge Craft
22792   Foundry 1900-01
23250   Foundry Notes
LBL   Funny Bottle Labels
4791   Generator Secrets
21559   Getting the Most Out of Your Band Saw and Scroll Saw
23365   Hand Forging and Wrought-Iron Ornamental Work
20056   Handbook for Drillers
22210   Harper's Aircraft Book
23497   Hasluck's Photographic Notes
23322   Heat
23616   How to Build and Fly a Glider
22903   How to Build Midget Racers
4010   How to Extract Your Head from Your Butt
23403   How to Make an 8-inch Bench Lathe in the School Shop
22130   How to Run a Metal Working SHAPER and DRILL PRESS
81   How to Run Three-Phase Motors on Single-Phase Power
21389   Keep Your Lathe in Trim
23861   Lathe Maintenance Pamphlets
22229   Lathe Notes Volume 1
23144   Lathe Notes Volume 5
23551   Lathe Notes Volume 6
23683   Lathe-Making/Building/Chucks for Amateurs
23438   Laying Out for Boiler Makers and Plate Fabricators
23225   Learning the Lost Art of Hand Scraping
20170   Lindsay's Chemical Cross Reference
23780   Locomotive Design/Railway Repair Shop Practice
23896   Locomotive Management
22237   Machine Shop Methods
22180   Machine Tool Adjustment
22580   Machinery Reference Series - No. 25 Deep Hole Drilling
21400   Machinery's Reference Series - No. 10 Examples of Machine Shop Practice
22806   Making Rifle Barrels
YOTB20935   Manufacture of Whiskey, Brandy, & Cordials
20285   Marine Copper Smithing
23152   Metal Working for Amateurs
23705   Model Engine-Making
23128   Model Engineering
4724   Modern Toolmaking Methods
23454   Munitions of War
24027   My Lathes & How I Made Them/Zinc Chucks for the Lathe
22717   Ordnance 1900-01
23934   Phonograph Notes
22520   Photographic Cameras and Accessories
23535   Photography in the Studio and Field
24000   Pipe Dreams & Reminiscences of Old-Time Machinists
20838   Popular Mechanics Lathe Handbook Number One
22652   Pottery for Artists, Craftsmen, & Teachers
24019   Power Magazine
21591   Practical Metal Plate Work
23063   Practice and Theory of the Injector
22512   Projects from Early Issues of Industrial Arts Magazine
23462   Radio Pioneers 1945
23624   Radio Tube Fundamentals
23870   Railroad Shop Practice
23772   Raytheon Radio Tube Data and Substitution Chart
23098   Recent Developments in Large Gas-Engine Design
23446   Rifles & Knives
22997   Running the Regal Geared Head Engine Lathe
20900   Secrets of Building Electrostatic Lightning Bolt Generators
86   Secrets of Lead-Acid Batteries
23993   Seven Centuries of Brass Making
22660   Simple Scientific Experiments
X22660   Simple Scientific Experiments (Dented & Damaged Copy)
23900   Small Shop Magic
20960   Solenoids, Electro-Magnets and Electro-Magnetic Windings
21583   South Bend Lathe Booklets
4104   Steam Engine Design
23640   Steam Propelled Vehicles
23330   Steam-Engine Indicators and Mechanics of the Steam Engine
23047   Telephones and Microphones
23667   Terra Cotta Work
23977   The Amazing History of Early Weapons
23543   The Art and Practice of Silver Printing
22644   The Art of Casting in Iron
23489   The Boy's Book of Engine Building
21052   The Care and Operation of a Lathe
23632   The Ferrotype and How to Make It
22407   The Impoverished Radio Experimenter Vol. 1
22571   The Impoverished Radio Experimenter Vol. 2
22733   The Impoverished Radio Experimenter Vol. 3
22920   The Impoverished Radio Experimenter Vol. 4
22938   The Impoverished Radio Experimenter Vol. 5
YOTB23500   The Impoverished Radio Experimenter Vol. 6
23594   The Photographic Negative
23470   The Practice and Theory of Aviation/Recent Progress in Aviation
23608   The Radio Handbook 1936 Chapters Covering Shortwave Receiver Construction
23268   The Screw Cutting Lathe
23659   The Tricks and Secrets of Old-Time Machinists
23713   The Tricks and Secrets of Old-Time Machinists Volume 2
23985   The Tricks and Secrets of Old-Time Machinists Volume 4
24038   The Tricks and Secrets of Old-Time Machinists Volume 5
23519   The Watchmaker's Lathe
23845   Thermit Welding
23926   Things that are Usually Wrong
884   Turning Metal on a Simple Lathe
23110   Two Great Railroad Exhibits at Chicago
23918   Valve Setting
23764   Volume One Forming Methods - Forming by Section and Tube Bending/Forming by Press Brake
23802   Volume Three Forming Methods - Forming by Hydraulic and Crank Presses/Cast and Molded Dies
23799   Volume Two Forming Methods - Forming by Draw Bench, Power Rolls, and Spinning/Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
22490   War Toys for Boys
23381   Watch Movement Manufacture
23721   Wilson's Quarter Century in Photography - Chapter 15 Negative Making - "Dry"
23691   Wilson's Quarter Century in Photography - Chapter 8 Darkroom Contrivances and Chapter 9 Negative Making - "Wet"
23560   Wireless Telephony
23675   Wonders of Machinery Hall

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