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About Us

Who we are:

We specialize in the high-quality titles printed by Lindsay Publications, Inc. As highlighted in the list of Book Categories, our selection spans many exciting subjects! We're proud to be a small business offering books you will not find in the big chain stores! We are also the only retailer to offer the full line of Lindsay's remaining products.

Our mission:

We want to make this rare and valuable information available to tinkerers of all ages! We feel that it has never been more important to spread the message of learning and doing. In this high-tech age of instant gratification, it’s easy to forget how it all started. The pioneers of the industries we take for granted today should be celebrated! From early electricity, radio, and science to metal and stone working, we strive to offer material appealing to all demographics across the globe.

Employment advantage:

Many countries are just now finding themselves in a position to begin educating their citizens about machining and engineering. We’re happy to be able to provide the information they need at an affordable price!

However, let us not forget that these same skills are still needed in already industrious locations! Start building your library and learn something new! We hope to provide the self-education needed to give our customers that "little something extra" in the job market!

Keep learning and sharing:

Education is a process that should never stop, no matter how old you are! Keep the kid in you alive – start a new project today! We also encourage sharing your knowledge with the young ones in your life! There’s no greater gift you can give than learning! Making things can also provide a sense of accomplishment and plant the seeds for a lifetime of ingenuity! Try our "Boys' Books" section for inspiration!

Have FUN:

Just because we promote yesterday's ideas, doesn't mean we don't appreciate today's innovations! We’re always seeking new and interesting websites, articles, photos, and videos to bridge the gap between today and yesteryear! Visit our Facebook page to join the fun!